Games, games and more games!

Ok, so what about games? Well I like playing games so I thought that I should dedicate some of my web space to them. Click on the games below to read more about them.

A brief history of my gaming.

It all starting with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ home computer that my brothers and I got one Christmas. Over the next few years we got some classic games for that humble machine: Manic Miner, Jet Pac, Chequred Flag, Chuckie Egg and Star Wars to name a few. Yup, we had a lot of good times with the Speccy.

Next on the list of machines was a Sega Master System. This was actually bought by my older brother off of a friend, but I considered it to be a 'family' console so I pretty much treated it as mine. Heheh.

Now we come to the first console that was truely my own. The Nintendo Game Boy. Yup, the original green screen battery muncher. I loved that little brick of joy. Tetris, Mario Land and Turrican. I am sure I had a whole host of other games but none come to mind at the moment. I can remember one of my greatest gaming moments being when I completed Super Mario Land for the second time in a row only to discover upon starting for a third time that it didn't get any harder (unlike the second play through). I had 'finished' the game properly. That little cream block of pure gameplay travelled everywhere with me including on my school trip to Russia.

My 16th birthday and I had enough money to pop through to town to pick up a state of the art super console. A SNES. Going from Game Boy to SNES was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least. I had played one before, briefly, but this one was mine. I bought the Street Fighter II pack and began my hatred of M. Bison. The cheating git! I did manage to complete it on level 7 a couple of times, but only after many a long hour. My favourite game for the SNES has to be Starwing though.

Leaving school and starting university introduced me to the PC and its many and varied gaming wonders. During this time I left consoles behind and didn't pick them up again for quite a few years. In the meantime Doom, Dark Forces, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and lots of other PC games were keeping me busy. Oh, I also managed to attend some lectures too.

After I got my degree and started to work for a living I found I had a bit of money to spend and it wasn't long before I returned to my gaming roots. A Nintendo 64 was soon followed by a Dreamcast, GameCube and Xbox.

When the Gameboy Advance was released I picked one up. It was a great little machine although I was never able to play it for long sessions as I could never find a comfortable way to hold it whilst reaching all the buttons. My GBA was replaced with a GBA SP and was eventually replaced with a Nintendo DS. Finally a handheld with a good screen.

It took the release of The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion on the Xbox 360 to push me to join the current console generation. Unfortunately my first 360 had a problem with the DVD drive and had to be replaced but the new one seems fine. With recent updates to backwards compatibilty and some great releases on Xbox LIVE Arcade almost all of my gaming is being done on the Xbox 360 nowadays.